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"Always Sunny" AC Maintenance Club

Always Sunny Maintenance Club

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Club Details/Benefits

A/C unit being serviced.

Preventative Maintenance

Want to extend the life of your A/C? Of course you do! A preventative maintenance contract is just the thing for you. 

Plan Benefits

With an A/C maintenance plan you can lower your utility bills, extend the life of your equipment, reduce the frequency of repairs and breakdowns, improve system reliability, increase heating & cooling capacity, and receive emergency services during regular hours.

Maintenance Agreement Services

Clean evaporator coils

Clean condenser coils

Change and replace filters

Tighten all electrical equipment

Clean condensate line and drain pan

Check capacitors for correct microfarads

Check amp draw on electrical heating coils

Check temperature split across evaporator coils

Check amp & voltage draw on all motors & compressors

Check system pressures and freon levels in cooling mode & heat mode

Lubricate all motors, compressors, moving parts & copper fittings

Pricing $$



*prices are for single system homes

Mention the 'Always Sunny' club when reaching out to us!