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Coastal Coating

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HVAC Coating is the process of protecting your A/C system components from corrosion that could be caused by high-salt content in the atmosphere, moisture, and chemicals. 

Living by any salt water coast will inherently lower the life expectancy of your system due to the natural corrosive effects of salt. A polyester based spray-on protective coat will extend the life of these exposed components and save you money on your investment. 

Businesses that deal with corrosive chemicals should also take this protective layer into consideration to prevent the coils, condenser, and air-blower components from rust and corrosion. The A/C system is designed to work well when all of the pieces are in tip-top shape and operating at full efficiency. Don't let corrosion get the best of you and your $$.

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HVAC Coastal Coating
HVAC Coastal Coating