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Air Quality and Additional Options

HVAC Coastal Coating

HVAC Coastal coating

Corrosion of A/C coils is a frequent and expensive problem. Get a protective coating on your equipment to keep it shiny and corrosion free. Palm Coast, Flagler Beach, and other coastal areas are especially susceptible. 

Fogging - Rotobrush

Rotobrush and Fogging poster

Air ducts will eventually accumulate various bacteria that cause a bad odor and let germs permeate your house. Get this taken care of with a duct scrub and anti-bacterial agent.

UV Lights

UV Lights on a/c compressor coils

UV Lights can prevent mold from growing in those moisture filled areas that A/C systems are commonly installed in. Get one today to prolong the life of your Amana system.

10 Year Labor Warranty

Amana 10 Year labor and lifetime replacement warranty

Amana has the best warranty in the industry. LIFETIME!!! Check it out now and don't forget to schedule your estimate.

Air Oasis

Air oasis house purification system. Installed by Sunshine state heating and air conditioning.

Air Oasis is a revolutionary company when it comes to air quality and innovation. Check out our offering with their amazing product. 

Media Air Cleaner

Honeywell whole house air purification system. Installed by Sunshine state.

This isn't your traditional air-filter. Honeywell has put tremendous amounts of research into this whole house air-purification system. Check it out now and improve your in-home air quality.